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Kungsbacka Business Center AB is a modern office hotel located in Kungsbacka, Sweden. They offer modern, bright premises with a personal atmosphere. The office hotel has 35 offices of varying sizes and 7 meeting rooms.

Auke Boersma Consultancy

Auke has a solid track record of managing and growing internet, digital media and advertising businesses across EMEA, Southeast Asia and the wider Asia Pacific region. His commercial background has translated into launching and scaling 4 different start-ups. He thrives on motivating and mentoring individuals to succeed and loves to lead teams by example the same way he does in the sports arena. He takes a unique approach to business challenges by leveraging his commercial drive and applying a sports mindset across business needs.

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Over the past decade, Sytse has developed a huge passion for callisthenics training. He feels a strong desire to share his passion for callisthenics with others and help people become the best version of themselves; mentally and physically.

Hawaii Poke Bowl

Hawaii Poké Bowl is founded by three childhood friends who share a passion for delicious fresh food. During their life, they have been to many places and tried many foods but fell in love with Poké immediately when they came across it for the first time. It was only a matter of time before they opened their first restaurant.

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PropTech Farm

Proptech Farm is a scale-up and growth engine for true potential growth startups and bridging the Nordics with Southeast Asia. They invest in highly motivated people whose essential drive is to build massive companies driving positive and sustainable changes in cities, buildings and human habits. They support on accelerating companies to new markets beyond their home markets.

Båstad Explosion

Båstad Explosion is starting the first national junior padel tournament in Sweden and has plans to exponentially expand in the future!

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SINAR is a company that has been founded by students at Rotterdam Business School. SINAR sells portable & affordable mini projectors!

Interested? Take a look at their website!


Seth Engström - King of Cards

Seth Engström is Sweden's most booked magician. He is internationally one of the most respected names in the industry and strives to get the word "magic" back to the word "magician". He does it with his astonishing arsenal of tricks, all performed with two tools: his dexterity and a deck of 52 standard playing cards.  


Nordic Lift

Nordic Lift is an elevator company based in Sweden. The company offers various different services such as delivery and installation of new elevators, modernisation of old elevators, as well as maintenance of elevators. Nordic lift has around 100 employees and currently has service contracts for around 7,700 elevators.

Bangkok Padel

Bangkok Padel aims to offer a premium experience by combining the best of Thai hospitality and weather with the excitement of the fastest growing sport in the world – Padel. Their courts are of the best quality and the location is unrivaled – located in downtown Bangkok, you and your friends, partners, family and colleagues can enjoy the thrills of Padel, and at the same time have immediate access to hotels, bars, spas, restaurants and public transportation.

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Båstad Padelklubb

Sweden's First Padel Club

Båstad Padelklubb is Sweden's first padel club. They built their first padel court in Båstad marina in 2009. Currently, the club has more than 100 active members and actively seeks to spread the sport of padel.

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